Superstars Surveillance is a full-service private investigation located in South Mississippi, with a track record of delivering first-class professional results for our clients.

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Surveillance Services

We catch cheaters and injury pretenders.

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Our Statewide PI Agency does not charge for travel. 

The ‘TIME’ Starts when we arrive on the claimant’s street.


3-DAY Surveillance Package for $2,400.

We have other services…

  • Specific Hours $100/hr
  • Additional PI $50/hr
  • Background Checks $300

We Deliver!

The value of videotaped activities includes viewing by the treating physician, which may be in direct conflict with a person’s description of his/her limitations. In addition, there is an obvious value when videotaped evidence is used for trials and hearings.

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Your Suspect

We learn as much as we can about your suspect so we can determine the best time to capture activity on videotape.


We have a variety of video equipment including hidden cameras that permit video inside a business or other public place.

Our Goal

We strive for high-quality, indisputable, video and photo evidence.

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